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The Advantages of Battery Powered Window Vacs From Karcher
Tuesday 12 September 2017, 1:20PM
By Beckie Wright

Karcher have been around for 79 years, so it is not so surprising to hear that they were the first in the world to launch the Window Vacuum with built in vacuum technology, allowing the easy cleaning of windows as well as mirrors, showers, benchtops and windows leaving streak-free cleaning results.

The advantages of the new generation of battery-powered window vacs are that they are more compact, handier and lighter. The WV 2 Plus is 10% smaller than its predecessor, ensuring that lower window edges are more easily reached. You can therefore clean down to the lower edge of the window without changing the handle you are using. It also has a longer battery run time than its predeccessor allowing an optimal cleaning result even more easily than before.

The NEW WV 5 Plus Non Stop Cleaning Kit has an even better run time at 35 minutes and comes with a replacement battery for non stop cleaning. The new model also comes with an adjustable spacer on the suction nozzle so that the squeegee keeps its seal at the edge of the window, preventing liquid from remaining around the edges. You can just turn the small dial and set the spacing, depending on the window size. This allows every window pane to be cleaned right up to the edges without streaks. 

This handy device saves a lot of time and effort and is, in fact three times’ faster than conventional cleaning methods, as well as delivering better cleaning results. Cleaning is noticeably easier and quicker thanks to the cordless, battery operated and compact device. Furthermore, the innovative water recovery system sucks up dirty water before it can drip which is perfect for dealing with condensation.

 Accessories are also covered with the new extension pole, making it possible to clean high windows effortlessly meaning every window in the house can be sparkling and streak-free clean. Having been around for so many years, Karcher have become accustomed to providing high quality cleaning equipment for both domestic and commercial users. Karcher also provide after sales service support with over 50 sales and service agents nationwide and a strong dedicated customer support team.

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