Bargain Bins Provide a Free 15 Minute Loading Service

Thursday 28 September 2017, 2:05PM

By Beckie Wright


Bargain Bins’ very useful loading service is available on request and is applied to the first 15 minutes required to load a bin and leave the site. However, additional time required costs $95.00 per hour. Small to medium bins can be loaded within 15 minutes when there is close access and rubbish that can easily be moved by one man.

Bargain Bins provides skips, bins, skipbins and transport for rubbish, concrete, soil, greenwaste, etc as well as mixtures, and they currently operate in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, and have franchises for sale in Taranaki and Hawkes Bay.
Bargain Bins’ local family, Business Owners are currently covering the Auckland-wide, Hamilton and Tauranga areas, and their modern fleet of trucks carries a full range of bin sizes to remove small medium or large quantities of rubbish from your domestic commercial or industrial location. They are a New Zealand owned franchise,in operation for 25 years, and are still owned by the founding Morrow family of Auckland.

Their grouped cost structure enables them to keep costs lower, and in most cases means you are dealing with the local business owner.They believe this structure is second to none when it comes to recycling and responsible waste disposal,and a less polluted environment for the future.

Bargain Bins’ operators have all the information of the waste industry available to them, and if they can’t answer immediately, they can find out. Situations do vary from area to area so customers just need to ask. Their local owners are generally available by phone, so you  just need to ask the call centre for the particular number when required.

Finally, if you have a need to dispose of asbestos or methamphetamine detritus, Bargain Bins can provide a purpose-made bin, so once again, you just need to enquire.

For further information on Bargain Bins and their waste skip bin hire, skip bins Auckland and book a bin services please visit the website at .