Grow Your Business With Snap Printing's Email Marketing Services

Friday 29 September 2017, 5:39PM
By Beckie Wright

Snap Printing’s email marketing service is fast, cost-effective and it works. On any given day more than half of internet users check or send an email, so it’s no wonder that emailing is such a proven marketing tool. A successful email campaign helps build relationships with clients and a loyal client is likely to be a return client.

A targeted email campaign works, because it provides direct client contact and builds connections, it generates immediate responses and tracking and reporting results are instantly available. It is also a cost-effective way to reach a large number of people, and Snap can help you to implement an email marketing campaign, whether it's an eNewsletter, high-impact promotion, invitation or online survey.

A client targeted Newsletter, professionally designed and delivered by email, is a cost effective way to maintain and improve business relationships, and Snap can produce your Newsletter - hard copy and digital - and manage your email marketing programme. You get a high ROI and measurable results, and Snap can turn any document into an epublication, for email marketing or online exposure. For more details on any Snap service, see below for your local Snap Centre.

It's the age of the internet and Snap have expanded their services to include website design and production, and as with their printing services, they set the pace globally in design, working with the latest digital technology.  Snap New Zealand is part of the largest printing services network in Australasia, and  Australsian Snaps service over 500,000 clients annually, and growing, and is the most recognised print, design and website services brand in Australasia.

Snap has assembled some of the best website gurus in Australasia to create websites that really do improve your business, and online tools make it easy for you to manage.

Finally, Snap is the only print provider rewarding its customers with Air New Zealand airpoints, so for more information on printing services, printing Auckland and business cards please visit the website at .