Mission Possible- Spring School Holiday Fun – Spacecraft, Spooks and Stars at Stardome

Thursday 12 October 2017, 3:02PM
By Beckie Wright

Mission Control is a busy place. From launching space flights and monitoring the International Space Station to sending commands to space probes millions of kilometres away, those sitting at the control desk certainly have no time to put their feet up during work hours! These school holidays, kids can get a taste of what a day in the life at Mission Control looks like, by exploring the solar system through the eyes of astronauts, rovers and space probes at Stardome’s Mission Possible Spring School Holiday Fun.

Catch the planetarium show ‘Astronaut’, an immersive show which takes you from Earth into space…and beyond. After learning about what it takes to be an astronaut, head into the Space Room (AKA Stardome’s Mission Control) and have fun with experiments and activities about Mars, the Moon and current space missions. If the weather is nice, kids will truly become flight controllers, as they head out the back of Stardome and launch water-powered rockets!

Weekdays, 2 October – 13 October at 10am, 1pm and 2pm. Suitable for ages 5-12 years. Bookings essential at –

Stardome Spooktacular

Boo! The origins of Halloween are believed to come from the Celts, some 2,000 years ago. The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1 and believed that on the night before the New Year the boundaries between the living and the dead became blurred. Gradually, Halloween evolved into a secular event, characterised by more family-friendly traditions of dressing up and trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood. Although more prevalent in the United States, New Zealand families have since caught on to the All Hallows Eve spirit.

If you’re a parent who is sick of being dragged around the streets collecting lollies for your already excited, sugar-high children, how about doing something different for some frightening family fun and come to the Stardome Spooktacular event? Bring your little monsters and aliens into the haunted Stardome foyer area, where they can participate in spooky science experiments. Then head into the planetarium (parents, think reclining seats, dark environment and entertained children) for a family friend Halloween show. Each child takes away a spooky goodybag – so no need to go door knocking this year!

If you’re after something a little more traditional, then book the babysitter and join Stardome for the adult-only scary Night Sky show. You’ll be treated to drinks and snacks in the planetarium before exploring the horrifying myths and legends associated with constellations and deep space objects. Be brave and book a seat!

Tuesday 31 October

Family Friendly Show at 6PM and 7PM. Tickets: $15 adults, $15 child, includes child goodybag.

Adults-only (R18) spooky show at 8PM and 9PM. Tickets $25 per adult, includes glass of wine or beer and snacks.

Bookings essential at -

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