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Stay Spring Ready With Spa Ayurda
Thursday 12 October 2017, 3:25PM
By Beckie Wright

It may not quite seem like it yet, but spring has officially arrived! And, as they say at Spa Ayurda, “Spring.  Spring is all about new beginnings, about feeling and being magical, dynamic and even sexy as the pulse of life quickens, the earth warms, and blossoms unfurl, reaching for the sun. Nature makes it look easy, we find it slightly less so.  Often we find ourselves feeling heavy and sluggish, like a cranky bear reluctantly coming out of hibernation. Ayurveda, yoga's sister science and the world's oldest surviving system of healing, shows us that the key to feeling in step with the seasons is to harmonize with nature, to follow her lead and dance to her rhythm.”

The four pillars of Ayurvedic wellness are Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle and Massage, and this month Spa Ayurda have put together a few of their beautiful packages to help you to Spring Cleanse this season. Also, if you know of someone who really needs some pampering, they have fabulous Gift Vouchers, starting at $50.

Starting with Perfect Treat, Spa Ayurda are offering a customised Ayurda mini-facial plus a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to leave you with glowing skin and feeling totally relaxed.

Spa Ayurda’s Detoxify Me starts your journey with a full dry body brush to shed away the winter skin from the outside and sluggishness from the inside. This is followed by a warm oil massage to help ease out those tough knots and erase pain. You can end your detox journey with a comforting full body mud wrap to soak in the nourishment and nurture your body from inside out. Now, you're ready for all spring has to offer! Say hello to radiant, beautiful skin with this detoxifying and nourishing treatment.

Moksah is the perfect indulgence this season! The experience starts with a warm medicated oil massage using customised rhythmic strokes suited to your body type, that will unblock the stagnated energy and leave you in a blissful state. This is followed by herbalised steam to open the channels and to absorb the nourishment leaving you feel lighter, refreshed and energetic. This treatment helps to stimulate deep circulatory stagnation and to counter the stiffness and dryness in the body.

Finally, Spa Ayurda’s Pomegranate-Rose Sugar Scrub and Massage,

Start your experience with our signature relaxing head neck and shoulder massage with herbed oil to help ease your stress away. Then, soak in the goodness of warm sesame oil with a full body oilation. Your experienced therapist will then apply a freshly made organic rose and pomegranate scrub to exfoliate and then hydrate your skin leaving you feeling absolutely pampered and radiant! Your experience concludes with an invigorating cup of herbal tea.