Impact PR Defines Public Relations

Thursday 19 October 2017, 7:56PM
By Beckie Wright

The Cambridge dictionary defines Public Relations as being “The activity of keeping good relationships between an organisation and the people outside it”,

and Mark Twain’s comment on public relations was, “The general public is the only critic whose opinion is of value at all.” Impact PR have their own definition of public relations. “Advertising is what what you say about your brand, whereas PR is what the market says about you.”

How industry professionals, Impact PR, influence key opinion leaders to say the right things about their clients defines them as a communications company. As the way we communicate continues to evolve at a rapid rate,  the days of being able to reach your audience with a simple article in a newspaper have long since passed.

Today people get their news from a variety of mediums (including posts from a friend’s Facebook page), so your PR agency needs to be able to bridge the gap between traditional media and the new emerging wave of digital and social media. As specialists in their industry, Impact PR will be able to effectively communicate with journalists, as it is often difficult for a business to create content that fits naturally into the style of news media without appearing overly commercial.

Impact PR will be able to design you a strategic PR campaign aimed at  building awareness of your organisation or brand and, at the same time mitigating any negative response to your products or services. A successful campaign will see your brand receive positive media coverage, sales within your key target audiences and be free from negative publicity.

Impact PR can also help to re-position and alter the perceptions of your brand, resulting in a desirable public image, and Impact PR helps you get that story out, using five different strategies. Firstly, they will build brand recognition and drive sales, they will leverage media and other influencer relationships, and promote positive sentiment by discussing great things your company is doing. They will use proven strategies to engage the right audience to perform a particular action, and build credibility through positioning you as opinion leader/leaders.

With Impact PR, your target market will be exposed to more persuasive information about your brand than ever before and a strong return on investment is guaranteed, so for more information on PR, PR Auckland and PR companies please go to .