Summer Club - a 'temporary' club project coming soon to Christchurch.

Tuesday 24 October 2017, 12:18PM

By Kidnap Inc


Summer Club Christchurch
Summer Club Christchurch Credit: Kidnap Inc


This summer two of Christchurch’s formative dance culture icons, Willy Styles and Simon Kong, are collaborating with inner-city bar Smash Palace to produce a temporary nightclub project across November and December. Called ‘Summer Club’ the project is an intuitive response to the rapidly emerging new House & Techno scene established by a strong local DJ and producer community.

Sandwiched between a cosmopolitan blend of sharp architecture and new street landscapes, Smash Palace is a destination where you can still find the true blood of Christchurch’s High Street pouring out of a converted bus and bolted to the side of an original brick building.
It's here, against a backdrop of motorbikes, pint beers and classic pork pie kiwi culture that Christchurch’s new House & Techno scene has made itself a home.

“Summer Club” is about embracing the groundswell and establishing something semi-permanent over November and December with a premiere club sound system installed, a fully booked National and local DJ roster and a comprehensive branding campaign, all designed to create a full Berlin-style inner city club experience for the enthusiastic local audience.

“Summer Club” captures the experience of Christchurch today. Rebuilding the city one mix at a time, regardless of it’s past or future.




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