Just Water International Expanding Into Regional Markets

Tuesday 24 October 2017, 5:48PM
By Beckie Wright

Based on their success in the major New Zealand cities, Just Water International is expanding into regional markets, with September seeing the company opening their Palmerston North office and distribution centre, and now another office in Whangarei in October. “The success in Pamerston North, including Wanganui, in the first month has been spectacular” says Branch Manager Ricky Honorica.

Just Water has a mission of “enhancing lives”, and the Chief Executive, Tony Falkenstein, is passionate about taking people off sugar-loaded drinks and onto water. To assist in the process of reducing the “sugar” habit, Just Water is the only bottled water company in the world that offers a flavoured drink in a 15 litre bottle. This product, called VitaBlast, is Vitamin C-enhanced, and has a lime flavouring.

It is a ‘given’ that once a water cooler has been installed in the home, the consumption of sugar-loaded drinks drops significantly. Children would rather drink chilled water from a water cooler than make the effort to take the Coke bottle out of the fridge.

“New Zealand is the third fattest nation in the world, and we have a growing Type 2 Diabetes epidemic, mainly caused by the over-consumption of sugar,” said Tony Falkenstein. “If we can reduce the consumption of sugar through providing water through water coolers in homes, then I will be a happy man”.

Tony is involved in several philanthropic ventures, but nothing is dearer to his heart than seeing New Zealand children in our schools drinking natural water from the water cooler installed there. Just Water has been supporting schools that have become ‘water only’ schools and run a healthy living programme. Yendarra School has run a programme for over five years and, together with the community, has taught parents how to provide healthy lunches that cost far less than unhealthy ones.  The kids are advocates of water, and have a hatred for Coke and other sugar loaded soda waters, and this is where Tony and Just Water came in with their water coolers.

To find out more about water filters, water delivery and water cooler delivery please go to www.justwater.co.nz .