For That Spring Clean (Or Any Cleanup) Go to Bargain Bins

Monday 30 October 2017, 1:08PM

By Beckie Wright


We all like a good spring clean as it makes us feel very pleased with ourselves, seeing the property looking uncluttered and clean and fresh, but who to call to take all our spring clean rubbish away? Bargain Bins have been in operation for over 25 years now, and their grouped cost structure enables them to keep costs lower. This structure is second to none when it comes to recycling, responsible waste disposal and a less polluted environment for the future – all good reasons to call Bargain Bins.

No matter what type of waste you produce during your spring clean, they can take anything, including mixtures, compost, greenwaste, concrete, asphalt, stones, and all spring clean rubbish. If you are not sure what type of bin to order, you can ask one of their friendly owner operators, as their grouped cost structure also means you are dealing with the local business owner in most cases.

From miniskips to maxiskips to Giant Jumbo Bins, Bargain Bins have every size and shape of bin, and their modern fleet of trucks carries a full range of bin sizes to remove small medium or large quantities of rubbish from your domestic commercial or industrial location.

Similarly, their operators have all the information of the waste industry available to them, and if they can’t answer immediately, they can find out. All you need to do is ask, as situations do vary from area to area.

Bargain Bins have depots or disposal sites close by to help keep costs low. You can book a bin online or over the phone. Phone numbers and locations are displayed on the website. Prices are on the website or you can call if special information is needed. Phone 09 272 4402.

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