A Good Lawn Can Raise the Value of Property in New Zealand

Tuesday 31 October 2017, 9:26AM
By Beckie Wright

It’s no secret that Auckland’s housing market is in a shambles, but Peter Thompson from real estate agency Barfoot & Thompson says it’s the best time for realistic home buyers and sellers. “The reality of the situation is that prices are remaining stable, and sales numbers are running at two-thirds of where they were 12 months ago,” he said, referring to the stagnant activity at Auckland’s firm.

“Buyers and sellers who accept that reality and are prepared to buy or sell at market are the ones achieving the outcomes they are seeking. Those who are looking to get a bargain, or selling at way above market, are missing out.” In September, the Auckland firm saw sales fall more than a quarter, compared to the sales from the same time a year ago.

For home owners who are looking to sell, this can be a moment of truth. Do you wait until the housing market begins moving again, or do you sell it now at what is still a fairly good price? It’s not just Auckland that’s suffering from a stand-still. Sales in Southland are down 37%, Northland almost 30%, and Auckland is down by 21%.

However, sales will inevitably begin once more, and when it does, there are simple things home owners can do to ensure they receive a good price for their property. Lawn care is one easy, underrated step that can raise the value of a property by 16%. In Auckland’s current housing market, a 16% increase translates to approximately $100,000.

There are many lawn care services around, like Crewcut to help out home owners across New Zealand. They offer professional lawn mowing, as well as hedge trimming, tree pruning and other backyard services such as gutter cleaning and water blasting. Many home owners are busy working and would rather outsource tasks such as garden maintenance.

Crewcut is happy to take on this job, but they also have 3 tips home owners can follow to see a better garden and an increase in their property’s value.

Add or Replace Plant Décor

Pick out the older plants that don’t look healthy, or look outdated compared to the current garden trends. Add some variety and include some tropical plants – these never go out of fashion.

Add Some Colour and Texture

Make it interesting by adding some potted colour. All green can get a bit boring, so plant some flowers in the ground, in pots and even hanging from the entranceway in a hanging basket.

Facelift Your Existing Deck or Build a New One

Decks are a quintessential part of New Zealand backyards. If you already have one, try re-staining it or extend it even further. If you’re missing a deck, build one!

For more information about lawn care, visit the Crewcut website.