Whangamata Heating and Air Conditioning - Maximise AC Operation to Improve Air Quality

Monday 6 November 2017, 5:53PM
By Reef Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited


When the weather turns warm, it’s time to find ways to keep the indoor temperature at comfortable levels and maintain the air quality in your home. No one likes to be sweaty and deal with humidity for an entire summer, after all.

Keeping your windows open may invite a little breeze, but it will also bring in pollen, dust and other particulates. If you keep them shut, it will be stifling and uncomfortable to stay inside.

The best solution to your problem is to use an air conditioning system. Every air conditioning unit today has an air filter which removes allergens like pollen and fine dust. It ensures that only clean air is filtered and circulated through the house or building. So, along with its cooling function, an AC will keep interiors cool and maintain indoor air quality.

Keep in mind, though, that air conditioners wear out with frequent use. Its efficiency may begin to decline and become less effective at cleaning, circulating, and cooling the air.

Reef Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited, a trusted repair and installations service based in Whangamata, recommends regular maintenance checks to keep air conditioners in good working condition. Doing so reduces downtime and prolongs an AC unit’s life. These are what you need to enjoy excellent air quality at all times.

Without regular maintenance, issues may crop up and escalate into costly repairs. To avoid large expenses and having to endure poor indoor air quality, get in touch with a professional heating and cooling service.

On that score, Reef Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited is ready to help. The company has spent over 20 years providing quality heating and air conditioning repair in Whangamata. You can count on its expert technicians to repair residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems. The company is also an accredited installer for a number of brands and provides full supplier warranties.

If you need reliable air conditioning installers in Whangamata, give Reef Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited a call. You can also visit for additional information on its services.