Get Your Water Delivered with Just Water

Monday 6 November 2017, 8:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Just Water’s home delivery business has been increasing at a massive rate, as more and more people see the effects, on family and friends, of New Zealand’s obesity epidemic. “New Zealand is the third ‘fattest’ country in the world after USA and Mexico,” said Tony Falkenstein, Chief Executive of Just Water. “The rate of Type 2 diabetes and other health problems arising from obesity is a real concern in terms of the country’s spiralling Health budget.

Just Water has introduced a programme whereby households pay only $1 a day for a water cooler ($30 if you are a business) and $1 for a 15 litre bottle of water delivered every fortnight ($15 for businesses) as their contribution to the obesity epidemic.

“We know from our research,” said Tony Falkenstein, “that if a Just Water cooler is in a household, the consumption of fizzy drinks reduces significantly. Children love to take fresh tasting chilled water from the Just Water cooler, and soon that becomes a habit,” he added.

Just Water has three types of bottled water available for delivery – 1. Aquafresh – ultra-filtered water; 2. Mineral X – spring water; 3. VitaBlast – a lime flavoured Vitamin C-enhanced water, and any of these 15 litre bottled water options only cost $1 a bottle  delivered fortnightly. There is no chance that you can buy chilled water at such a low price anywhere any time. At $1, that is less than 25 cents for the equivalent 250 ml bottle of Pump or H2Go.

For more information on water works coolers, under bench Boil & Chill and free trial water delivery please go to www.justwater.co.nz .