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James & Wells The Intellectual Property Law Specialists
Friday 10 November 2017, 5:02PM
By Beckie Wright

James & Wells, have grown to be the dominant intellectual property firm acting for New Zealanders, with a firm understanding of Kiwi business, and they understand intellectual property law. Unfortunately, historically Kiwis haven’t made the most of their great ideas which could be because most people don’t realise that 80% of the value of their business is in intangible assets, which is why James & Wells have focused their firm on helping their clients make the most of these valuable assets.

As well as being intellectual property experts, they are also business strategists, scientists, engineers, accountants, lawyers and commercialisation specialists. Their team are all committed to the same goal – making sure Kiwi innovation makes it big on the world stage. Their aim is to enable their clients to own and control their intellectual property. However, that is just the start of the conversation. They ask the questions, “Who else is in your space? How can you expand into other markets?” The right conversations at the right times can make a big difference to the speed and scale of a business’s success.

James & Wells have the expertise to maximise the value of your business’s biggest assets, so whether people are looking to grow or leverage their knowledge, technology, design or brand James & Wells are the place to go.

Intellectual property is often the most valuable but least understood asset of successful businesses and can include innovations, products, processes and know how, as well as trade marks and the goodwill of an associated business, so for more information on intellectual property agreements, patent tips and copyright online please go to .

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