Creating Brands Through Design At Tried & True Design

Wednesday 22 November 2017, 2:44PM
By Beckie Wright

In today’s exciting markets brands are far more than a logo, a glossy brochure or a piece of packaging. It’s now the way you talk, look, act, interact and react that is part of your appeal, which means brands need to live and breathe through every touchpoint. Developing effective brands that convince their audience is one of Tried&True Design’s specialties.

As Tried&True Design’s Creative Director, Andrew Sparrow says, “Making something pretty is not that challenging and may not even sell more, because prettiness is not design and design is pointless without strategy. Branding is the visual manifestation of strategy. It’s the end summation of an understanding of the product, who that product is being targeted to and where that product needs to be positioned. Strategic branding conveys complex messages of emotion, authenticity, credibility and desirability. And it can do it in an instant. That’s the branding that we do.”

 The primary goal of a branding agency is to help businesses sell more of their goods and services, and the obvious way a branding agency can do this is through design, to make goods and services look more attractive so more people will want them. But, as they say at Tried&True Design, “Design without strategy is just prettiness.” This is their ‘point of difference’ in their branding services.

 Branding helps to engage your audience on an emotional level for the products or services you sell, and is a pivotal element in building loyal relationships with your customers, investors, staff and suppliers

As Andrew says, “We’re not a small agency, but we’re not a large agency either. We have some large clients, but we have small ones too and our success is measured in our current clients recommending us to their friends.”

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