DJ Marrs To Attend DJ Training Event on Serato DJ Softwear

Friday 24 November 2017, 1:08PM
By Beckie Wright

DJ Marrs will be attending the DJ training event for tips and tricks from Serato DJ softwear at 80 Grey’s Avenue on 15th November from 7pm to 9pm. They will be covering the new features of Serato DJ, hardware options, creative uses of Serato features and important troubleshooting tips.

Award winning, digital DJing software used by professionals across the globe, Serato have combined state of the art features with the world’s best hardware manufacturers, to bring you Serato DJ. They are the industry leader for high‑quality, innovative, and reliable software. Serato DJ is Plug and Play with official hardware - just connect by USB and start mixing.

DJs need software they can depend on, and Serato know that better than anyone. It’s why stability has always been a driving force behind their products, along with a dedicated customer support team to help you when you need it. It’s also why Serato is the first choice for the world’s top touring and club DJs. You can mix, blend and scratch your tracks at the touch of a record or platter, and manipulate your music with up to eight saved cue points and loops per track. You can lock your tracks in time with easy to use Sync options, or turn Sync off and never see it again.

Seamless integration with Pulselocker, iTunes and their crate storage system means it’s easy to keep your library organized and intuitive. You can analyze your music to detect the BPM and Key information, and use the history panel to save your best combos and export playlists for your followers, streaming tracks direct from Pulselocker or store them on your device for offline play.

All the important track information you need is displayed on Serato’s famous virtual decks. You can also visualize your tracks with their unique EQ coloured waveforms, keeping your tracks in time with a simple beat matching display next to their waveforms.

You can use club standard setups with Serato Control Vinyl or CDs for the perfect emulation of real feel Djing, and for turntablists there is the unique sticker lock feature to keep your routines super tight. You can also record your full sets in customizable high quality formats, ready to share with your followers online, and add ready-mapped official accessories to your setup. Serato have a huge array of customizable DJ FX powered by industry leaders iZotope, from the DJ necessities of Filters, Echoes, and Delays to complex and creative noise synths, dubbed out tape echoes and retro 8-bit audio bending FX.

DJ Marrs has been providing DJs in Auckland for over 16 years, and they now ffer DJs for hire all over New Zealand, from key locations, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

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