Managing Your Online Reputation With Impact PR

Friday 24 November 2017, 6:34PM
By Beckie Wright

You build a good reputation with good deeds, but need only one bad one for it to be lost” - (Ben Franklin on Reputation Management).

We are all aware that for whatever reason some individuals or companies can develop a bad reputation on Google, and that all important first page in Google may show up results that they simply don’t want to see. Impact PR is an online reputation management company (practicing the evolving art of reputation management online) focusing on monitoring and managing the way in which you and or your company are represented online.

Impact PR’s online reputation management helps to generate positive PR for you and your brand, or reverse criticisms that already exist online. Material monitored for online reputation management includes user-created content and professional journalism, giving you the opportunity to see how you and your company are being perceived and also the chance to rectify or reverse claims that could be damaging to you and or your brand image.

The art of reputation management online involves using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques in a way that ‘optimises’ other sites higher and subsequently works to push negative sites down. Online reputation management companies such as Impact PR employ a vast myriad of SEO techniques to achieve this.

Many of these reputation management online techniques involve optimising positive stories so that they migrate higher up in Google than the negative ones, and Google’s continually evolving algorithms make this a challenging process for online reputation management companies. Impact PR employs their public relations capabilities to secure coverage in media sites with high page ranks. These pages are given considerably more weight by Google as more credible.

It is this blend of public relations ability and search engine optimisation know-how that makes Impact PR one of the top online reputation management companies Auckland has to offerAs they say, “You’ve invested blood sweat and tears into your building a great brand – don’t allow detrimental claims from others halt your success!”

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