Photo ID Printers NZ – Enhancing Company Security with Photo IDs

Wednesday 29 November 2017, 6:14PM
By ID Solutions


Photo IDs enhance company security in several ways. They help security personnel easily identify employees and visitors, preventing several concerns such as unauthorised entry, personnel impersonation or theft. With the use of colour-coded IDs for departmental differentiation, security personnel can quickly determine if an employee is heading to an area where they are not allowed.

IDs also encourage vigilance among employees, especially in workplaces that require high security, as seeing IDs help them identify if the person passing by them is a co-worker, a visitor or an unauthorised person.

ID Solutions offers exceptional Photo ID services in NZ. They help increase security in companies, schools and other types of organisations with their identification management solutions. They specialise in custom photo ID cards production but also provide several types of ID clips and pouches, conference name tags, lanyards, and wristbands.

ID Solutions’ products help security personnel and other employees easily identify the people in their premises. Their custom printed lanyards, in particular, can be designed to be easily identifiable from afar.

ID Solutions’ products and services aren’t for company security alone. They also protect individuals’ personal information, with their holographic overlaminate, reducing the possibility of card reproduction and identity theft.

ID Solutions provides ID Snap as well, a card management system that allows for the quick and cost-effective production of photo IDs. The system lets organisations upload photos and enter card details online and send this information to ID Solutions for printing. This system gives organisations the benefit of reduced printing costs and labour time used. Through ID Snap, organisations also benefit from reduced errors and the time and resources required to reprint faulty IDs.

ID Solutions offers customised identity management solutions to New Zealand’s small-medium sized businesses, large corporations and government organisations. Visit their website at or call them on 0800 443 227 or e-mail them at