TigerTurf Provides Natural Looking Artificial Grass Comfortable For Pets

Friday 1 December 2017, 12:23PM
By Beckie Wright

TigerTurf offers custom artificial grass for pets that will stand up to the heavy demands of active pets, especially dogs. For pet owners fake grass is an excellent investment as it maintains its look and keeps pets healthy by keeping odours and pests at bay. There will be no urine spots, no muddy paws and bugs cannot break through the plastic grass.

Depending on the size, breed and number of animals TigerTurf products can be installed easily. Pet owners, especially dog owners, know the many challenges of keeping their lawns looking green and tidy through the year. In order to manage the digging, pooping, peeing and all the cleanliness issues associated with it pet owners have started thinking outside the box and are turning to artificial grass. TigerTurf consultants can advise on the best product and install it to maintain sanitary conditions.

Synthetic turf manufacturers like TigerTurf make products that can easily handle the demands made by pets. Some of the factors that need to be looked at are the size of the turf area, the demeanour of the pet and personal preference of length and colour. TigerTurf’s landscape turfs that are used to create lush gardens in high-wearing areas are pet-friendly alternatives that will drain well, keep microbes away and maintain their look throughout their year.

Bugs are a big issue for pets in the garden. From fleas to ants natural grass will always harbour these itchy toxic critters. On the other hand artificial grass does not appeal to bugs thus protecting both pets and humans. Customers can choose between TigerTurf Envy (thick natural look for sitting or playing), TigerTurf Summer Envy (resembles a natural summer lawn) and Summer Envy XWR (for heavy foot traffic).

TigerTurf lawns are easy to install and maintain their rich look throughout the year. Natural lawns may not grow in shaded areas or remain soggy due to rain or wear out due to foot traffic. On the other hand TigerTurf lawns are installed over free draining sub-bases to keep the surface dry and stable. They have extra hard wearing turfs to use for busy areas. The landscape lawns are produced in a range of different coloured yarns to mimic natural lawns and in different lengths for landscaping effects.

For over 30 years TigerTurf has gained a reputation as the leading supplier of synthetic grass. These synthetic landscape lawns are versatile, attractive and built to last. The company provides reliable consultation and back-up service for any home or commercial project. The products come with a ten-year guarantee.

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