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Milford Dentists' Fresh Breath Clinic A 'Lifesaver' For Halitosis Sufferers
Friday 1 December 2017, 6:47PM
By Beckie Wright

Many people suffer from chronic halitosis on a daily basis for years, and regardless of how much teeth cleaning and rinsing with mouthwash, sufferers of Halitosis still have persistent bad breath problems.  To this end, Aucklanders are very fortunate to have the services of Milford Dentists, and their Fresh Breath Clinic is one of the most important services they provide.

The Fresh Breath Clinic is a New Zealand ‘first’, run under the supervision of Andrea Clarke, the principle dentist at Milford Dentists which she set up in 1997, and she is very excited to bring New Zealand its first Breath Analysis Clinic. Working alongside Andrea are Milford Dentists’ Breath Analysis Consultants Karen Boyd and Mel Finau. Andrea, Karen and Mel, plus their support team are extremely understanding of patients’ concerns and anxieties when it comes to facing their bad breath apprehensions.

The New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic is a modern and specialised clinic dedicated to the diagnosis of bad breath conditions using their OralChroma analysis machine, and treatment using KForce products.  For people wanting to rid themselves of Halitosis or who are curious to see whether they are suffering from bad breath, The Fresh Breath Clinic are happy to accept all patients. Their Breath Analysis consultants have received specialised training in Australia with Dr Geoff Speiser who has owned and operated his own breath clinic in Sydney for many years.

Diagnosing the cause of bad breath is part of the solution leading to treatment options to solve the bad breath problem and the empathetic team at The Fresh Breath Clinic call this diagnostic process the ‘Full Halicheck’. This involves breath analysis using their OralChroma, saliva analysis, medical history and dietary analysis, taking bitewing x-rays to look for jaw bone infection and areas where food is impacting and decaying teeth and gum assessment to check for bacterial infection of the gums and jaw bone.

While the breath sample is being processed in the OralChroma they will test the PH of your saliva and also assess whether there is a healthy amount of saliva being produced. Medical history and dietary analysis will help the team confirm the causes of bad breath and indicate things people may be doing that are making the Halitosis worse. Once it is ascertained where the bad breath bacteria are in the mouth, the team at the Fresh Breath Clinic can establish a clear protocol for any bad breath problem.

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