Just Water A Finalist in the IBM Best Workplaces Programme

Monday 11 December 2017, 8:55PM
By Beckie Wright

It would come as no surprise to the employees of Just Water, that their company is a finalist in the IBM Best Workplaces Programme 2017, as they have always known how lucky they are to work there.This year 173 organisations, employing a combined total of over 35,000 employees, participated in the programme, and Just Water is a finalist in the Small to Medium Workplace Category. In addition, Just Water has been short listed for the 'Most Improved' Small to Medium Workplace category.

IBM will announce the full list of finalists for the IBM Best Workplaces Awards 2017 on 1 December 2017 via press release. Just Water are also going to be featured as a case study on the EMA Business Plus magazine, due to be released in early December.

What is IBM Best Workplaces all about? Participating organisations ask their employees to complete a confidential and secure survey about their workplace, and in return, your business will receive valuable feedback and insights to identify both positive aspects of your workplace and those that need work. Organisations that achieve the best survey results are celebrated as the 'Best Workplaces' in New Zealand – as judged by their own employees.

IBM Best Workplaces is the largest and longest running employee engagement survey in New Zealand and a definitive measure for 'best employer' and 'employer of choice', with 18 years of valuable experience and extensive industry benchmarks to measure your business against. It provides you with valuable employee insights to help you improve employee engagement and enables you to create a more successful business.

Employees want to work for a company that values them and their work, and assists in the development of their skills and careers. When employees are valued and engaged, they work harder, care more, stay with your business longer and find gratification in helping your organisation succeed, which is what Just Water is all about.

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