Soft Soled Shoes Essential for Baby Feet

Thursday 14 December 2017, 8:48PM
By Beckie Wright

During infancy, taking meticulous care of your baby’s overall physical growth is vital. And although it may seem trivial, putting extra care on their tiny little feet immensely affects the future of their overall physical growth. Choosing the right baby shoes during their early stages will assist their feet development – and soft soled shoes in particular are proven to be the best for healthy infant feet.

Many studies show that allowing babies to explore their worlds barefoot is most helpful to help develop their feet naturally. Yet it is not always the safest route to let babies crawl or walk around barefoot all the time, especially on rough ground such as concrete pavement and even carpet. Baby shoes need to be worn for warmth, protection, and for wearing on those auspicious special events.

Soft soled shoes in particular are the best for healthy foot development in infants. These allow tiny feet to bend, flex and grip naturally. Soft soled shoes are generally lightweight and flexible to allow for good freedom of movement. Constricting baby feet with hard, rigid shoes can prevent the feet from developing properly, especially because at the earliest stages of life, their feet grow at a rapid rate. Ultimately, walking in soft soled shoes feels the most like walking barefoot.

Giving your baby ill-fitting shoes to wear will mould their feet unnaturally. As the bones in their feet are formed from pliable cartilage and have not yet solidified into hard bone, neglecting proper foot development can cause future physical problems in adulthood. These problems can extend to leg and back problems as well.

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