Car Wrapping Trend Rises as Popular Promotional Tool

Friday 15 December 2017, 7:45PM
By Beckie Wright

Car wrapping has recently seen an increase in popularity with more businesses wrapping their vehicles as a convenient yet effective mobile promotional tool.

Local New Zealand brands such as Just Water and GJ Gardner Homes recently had their vehicle fleet re-vamped with high quality vinyl graphic wrap. The car wrap Auckland experts at Marketing Works transformed their vehicles to deliver fresh new looks that stood them out from the crowd.

The experts at Marketing Works emphasise the importance of this brand strategy: carrying your company’s brand through all facets of your business, vehicles included, is essential in today’s modern world.  It is a visual representation of your brand that promotes brand awareness, and a great advertising option for people wanting to promote on the go to reach a much wider audience.

Car wrapping technology has improved drastically, increasing its production quality and quantity. Any design, graphic, or image can now be printed, laminated and wrapped, with custom sizing based on your needs, preferences and budget.  Partial wraps can cover 33%-75% of a vehicle, while full vehicle wraps cover an entire vehicle.

Car wraps are an investment in your brand, so it is essential that the quality and workmanship is top notch. The team at Marketing Works insists on only using high quality vinyl, like 3M and Avery, to make sure your car wraps last for a long time. This ensures the wrap is able to protect your car’s original paint to eliminate maintenance costs.

Other benefits of car wrapping include easy-to-change wrapping and easy cleaning. Changing wraps is quick, easy and affordable, and only takes hand washing with soap and water to clean.

Contact Marketing Works, the best design agency Auckland wide, to transform your vehicles with car wrapping and keep up with today’s most effective marketing trends.