CRS Uses Advanced Data Recovery to Solve Drug, Prostitution Case

Wednesday 20 December 2017, 1:49PM
By Beckie Wright

CRS Solutions Limited’s private investigators are using the latest advances in technology to obtain information from phones and computers to assist clients in criminal cases. Often these cases involve prostitution, drugs, gambling and pornography. Their technical skills have often been used to recover deleted, lost or damaged information.

One of their recent jobs involved recovering phone data to identify a young mother who had returned to working as an escort. CRS was able to track her car, identify her work address and her online profile. Then they utilised an undercover agent to obtain live evidence of her working, and taking drugs whilst caring for her child.  CRS was able to reverse a court order and the client was able to gain full custody of his child.

Recently there has been a shift in focus in traditional husband and wife cheating investigations. Customers want more than just photographic evidence. CRS is using technological solutions to obtain evidence. Finding data from all types of phones is a popular request as is using covert GPS trackers and honey traps in jobs that involve gambling and escorts.

In most of these investigations CRS will require a comprehensive consultation to obtain all the facts followed by using technology to get the investigation underway. The CRS team is made up of experienced and talented individuals who are able to use surveillance, GPS trackers and specialist data recovery software to obtain historical information from a phone like texts, emails or photos or track a vehicle to establish a routine of the suspect. After this a period of surveillance or introducing one of their honey traps can be useful to obtain current information.

The company maintains client discretion and confidence across all their services, particularly when it involves sensitive and private information. CRS can use surveillance for a range of investigations like infidelity, matrimonial issues, employee background checks, fraud, theft investigations, cheating spouses, adultery, civil issues, insurance claims and other types of investigations. Their data recovery service can work across leading phone brands and even identify breaches or hidden apps.

Data recovery includes messages, emails, browsing history, social media activity, photos and videos, contacts, damaged data and notes. With CRS all investigation is accompanied by reports that provide dates and times and even back up data that can be stored for personal use.

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