Moving House? Don't Forget to Change Address, says Conroy Removals

Saturday 23 December 2017, 12:25AM
By Beckie Wright

Conroy Removals, New Zealand’s leading removal company, says change-of-address notifications when shifting house is crucial to help stay organised post a stressful move. It is easy to miss out on changing address with essential services providers. This can lead to difficult situations down the track. If you change your address and let people know, redirect your mail through the postal services the moving process is simplified.

To make it easier for customers Conroy Removals has provided a change of address checklist that covers utilities, financial service providers, government agencies and personal needs. This list is a lifesaver for people who are moving locally, nationally or internationally. Conroy Removals provides a whole range of services such as packing by trained professionals, moving, easy insurance, motor vehicle shipping, foreign exchange, pet transportation, house cleaning and valet unpacking.  

Mailing address can simply be changed by visiting a post office or using online resources. Filling a form through the postal agency will redirect mail for a period of time. This can be done in person or online. New Zealand Post also offers its redirection facility through the website. It also has a free online tool that can tell businesses that there has been a change in address. If there is a PO Box and/or a safety deposit box this may need to be transferred.

Switching utilities can seem like a no-brainer but timing is important. Instead of waiting till the last day a switch service can be organised well in advance. This includes internet and phone, water and electricity among others. Similarly memberships, subscriptions and mailings, driver’s license, health and insurance cards will need to be updated. The doctor, dentist and employer needs to be informed. The banks and insurance providers will need to be notified. House and contents insurance will need to be updated to the new address. If there are children involved potential schools and childcare facilities will need to be sorted.

A little planning and expert advice from specialists such has Conroy Removals will make the move easy. Conroy Removals has branches throughout New Zealand. They have worldwide global partners to ensure safe and secure moving locally and all over the world. With their experience, resources and stability they offer the best friendly and professional moving service, delivering customer’s belongings to their destination safely and securely.

For queries and rates Conroy Removals can be contacted by calling 0800 802 376 or through the website 

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