Finding the Right Home Heating System in New Zealand

Wednesday 3 January 2018, 3:00PM
By Reef Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited


Almost a third of New Zealand homeowners struggle to find an efficient heating system for their home. According to Statistics New Zealand, the situation is worse for low-income families and people renting a flat or home. New Zealand residents are looking for more affordable ways to heat their home efficiently. 

Energy Hardship

Half of NZ’s poorest households say that they find it difficult to pay their electricity bills on time. They also mention that they have to tolerate the cold temperature because they cannot afford or find an energy-efficient heating system. Based on Statistics NZ, 44 percent of people renting living spaces struggle with finding a home heating system as compared to 22 percent of homeowners.

The NZ government has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce energy costs for Kiwis. One of their projects focuses on extending the Warm Up NZ programme, which has insulated more than 300, 000 homes for families on low incomes. Besides government projects, there are heating and refrigeration companies, such as Reef Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited, that install heat pumps in Whangamata

Installing Heat Pumps 

Reef Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited offers energy-efficient electric heating for NZ homes. They supply leading brands such as Hitachi, Fijitsu, Mitsubishi and Gree heat pumps. Not only do they heat a home efficiently, but they also improve the air quality of a home. Besides installing a heat pump, they also provide heating and air conditioning repair service in Whangamata.

Once the company installs heat pumps, they test run the unit to ensure all its functions work properly and that there are no unusual vibrations, noises and water leaks. Afterwards, they will offer advice on how to get the most out of using their electric heat pumps.

Reef Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited recommends to have your heat pump serviced annually to maintain its overall performance. For more information about their heat pump installation and maintenance, call 07 8659222.