Health Insurance for Immigrants on Work Visa in New Zealand

Thursday 4 January 2018, 8:30AM




NZ Visitors, non-residents and immigrants on a less than 2-year work visa may not be eligible for free healthcare in New Zealand and are required to pay for their healthcare.

You will not be refused any urgent or emergency treatment, in the public health system. But you will need to pay for it.

In New Zealand, the accident & emergency department usually go by the term A&E and are managed by the local District Health Boards.

However, public hospitals cannot provide for everyone.

More and more New Zealanders that have access to free public healthcare decide to sign up for private healthcare.

From time to time, stories are circulating in the media and on the internet about immigrants and non-residents that are in financial trouble. Their health has failed them, and without Health Insurance for Immigrants on Work Visa, they have to start petitions and ask money from New Zealanders. And New Zealanders are generous.

A Christchurch company has forked out thousands of dollars to help Filipino workers who have no health insurance and are not eligible for the public health system.

An Auckland family say they are facing medical bills of $6,300 per day to keep their grandmother alive after she suffered a heart attack while visiting from Fiji without travel insurance.

Benefits of Health Insurance for Immigrants on Work Visa

Nothing is more important than your health.

This is your greatest asset. If you cannot work, you cannot earn an income. 

Health Insurance for Immigrants on Work Visa gives access to top health care in New Zealand, you are jumping the line and only paying a fraction of the real costs.