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5 Graphic Design Skills Digital Marketers Must Master
Wednesday 10 January 2018, 11:00PM
By Starlinks

Gone are the days when every field was a standalone domain. With advancement in technology and increasing competition, we are seeing the intersection of different domains. You cannot become a successful digital marketer or digital marketing company without having some graphic design skills. As a digital marketer, you need to design your campaign’s visuals and posts with aesthetics and your target audience preference in mind. Similarly, graphic designers should also have some knowledge about digital marketing in order to highlight their creations. Here are five graphic design skills digital marketer should know.

Color Psychology

Did you know that every color conveys a different meaning and emotion? If no, then you should learn color psychology. Use colors carefully and make sure you choose colors that convey your brand message and align with your brand personality. For instance, a red color is a symbol of energy, dynamism, and action-oriented brand personality. On the other hand, blue color reflects the calm personality and foster trust.


Just like colors, the font face you choose plays a critical role in making a lasting impression. As a digital marketer, if you do not know what each font face mean, you will end up choosing the wrong font. This will wreck havoc on your brand image. For instance, Serif fonts add to the stability and reliability. On the other hand, Sans Serif fonts are a symbol of professionalism. Depending on how you want your brand to look like, choose the right font.  

Editing Tools

I am not saying that you should be able to create graphic design solutions but as a digital marketer, you should have basic knowledge of editing tools. The added advantage here is that you can customize images, add text and add unique effects to deliver a personalized and more engaging experience. You can convey your brand message and ideas in a much better way if you know how to use these editing tools to good effect.

Understanding File Formats

Knowing different extensions and file formats will help you open different files with the right software for edits. Another common issue of the file formats is essential to know how to convert them into various file formats. Designers use open source software for creating a template. Additionally, they will help you to open it in commonly used software. If you know the pros and cons of each file format, you can easily choose the right file format for your needs.

Design Elements

Many design elements combine to create a winning graphic design masterpiece. If you have some know-how about design elements such as gradients, contrasts, white spaces, layouts, padding etc, you can create a lasting visual impression with your digital marketing campaign. You can create coherence and symmetry with your digital marketing campaign, which will make it more effective. Different features of kerning, typographical elements and other wording style. Mastering all design elements will put you in a much better position to attract your customers visually with your digital marketing campaigns.


Graphic design and digital marketing are no longer as separate as they used to be in the past. They regularly intersect each other and if you don’t know basic graphic design skills, then you will have a hard time in executing interactive and visually engaging digital marketing campaigns. Knowing the basic concepts of graphic design will make you a better digital marketer in today’s visually dominated world. Which graphic design skills do you think should a digital marketer master? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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