Mom and pop business owners urged to use negative motivation to build business confidence - Ed Ludbrook

Monday 15 January 2018, 12:33PM
By Harold French

New Zealand business confidence – down to an eight-year low recently – is a bit like a Yoyo; up one moment and then down the next which just goes to show, says international bestselling business author Ed Ludbrook, that the issue is not what the economy or government is doing but the personal confidence of Kiwi business owners themselves.


“Confidence and motivation go hand in hand,” says the bestselling author of 100% Confidence. “You can have the motivation to do something, but without the confidence that you will succeed, you won’t commit to taking the action.”


Ludbrook cut his teeth in the controversial multi-level marketing sector and, while he has since retired from that industry, he believes there’s a lot that local small and medium business owners can learn from the commission-only industry.


The hyper-growth expert has four tips on how to build unstoppable motivation and confidence.


1. Find out where your motivation levels are, and what motivation zone you’re in.


“There are two motivation zones, the ‘dream zone’ and the ‘dark zone’. In the dream zone – when you’re fantasizing about a great future – you can be inspired into action, but when motivation drops into the dark zone; that’s when the going gets tough.


“That’s when you realise there is nothing romantic about hard work. That’s when you need to develop the confidence to get back into the dream zone,” says Ludbrook.


2. Find your fundamental motivation.


Good motivation is not always positive.


Ludbrook says 99% of motivation at the start is negative, but that’s not a bad thing.


“Getting out of a bad situation is just as valid a reason to do something as a dream lifestyle. Your story, your motivation is likely a combination of the two.”


3. Figure out which sort of confidence needs to be boosted.


“This depends on if you’re in the dream zone of the dark zone. There are two types of confidence – inspirational confidence, and competence confidence. 


“Inspirational confidence is for people in the dream zone. They need to be inspired, and to be the most effective, it needs to be done consistently. Go to meetings, listen to success stories and do it often.”


Ludbrook says ‘competence confidence’ is built by proving that someone has the ability to succeed at their job.


“This is what gets people out of the motivational dark zone. 98% of people need this kind of confidence building. This is done by understanding, practice and proving you can perform the skills needed.”


4. Build a positive cycle of motivation.


The positive cycle of motivation looks like this:


New confidence = massive action = strong results/achieve learning and activity goals = positive feedback = new confidence…


“This creates a culture of motivation and success, and can be used even with new team members,” says Ludbrook. “It’s important to keep it going. That way you constantly build more and more confidence, which will pair with increased motivation and give you the tools needed to go forth and create success.


“You don’t have to let yourself be impacted by external events you cannot control, like a new Government. Go out and make your own confidence.”





Ed Ludbrook Has sold more than two million books and audios, in more than 20 languages, on the subject of building high-performance communities and networks that pioneer new industries and products.

His focus is strategy, systems and leadership in the network marketing sector and is the recipient of a number of awards, including FTSE Company of Year, UK OFEX company of the year and NZTE Biotech Exporter of the Year.

Ludbrook’s current passion is the booming area of crypto-coins and blockchain techs, where he plans to build the World's Largest Crypto-Investor community.



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