THEIA Create Logos & Graphic Design

Wednesday 24 January 2018, 1:28PM
By Beckie Wright

Founded in 2011, THEIA offers Digital Marketing and Multi-Media Marketing services that are specifically designed and developed for different organisations, and each work is designed specifically to their client’s requirements and specifications. They design advertising for products, from the very beginning to the completion, ranging from advert contents design, products shooting, graphic design through to advert implementation. Also, they offer the animation and video production services, to help brands convey their message to their audiences. Their visual service has served a number of businesses and individuals, witnessing all the cherished moments in people’s lives, helping the brands and products stand out from the crowd.

Phospherus Group, one of THEIA’s clients, is a professional agent specializing in immigration advice, and their licensed immigration advisers help their client obtain the correct visa to work and live in New Zealand, either temporarily or permanently. THEIA’s objective was to create the visual identity for their unique brand, working together with a client with the same bicultural  background to help them establish the logo, business card and letterhead.

The logo was created using an isometric base, and integrates two letters of Phospherus Group. The letters are layered, with the ‘P’ being the most prominent at the top of the stack. The ‘P’ and ‘G’ are the more important letters of the shape, therefore the ‘L’ can be removed. This creates a more stable shape, and is not too top-heavy.

Similarly, with Pharmville, a local health and beauty store based at Queens Street, specializing in health and beauty products and providing health and beauty solutions, THEIA’s objective was to build a visual identity for the unique brand, using the slogan, Find beauty in health.

THEIA specialise in multimedia marketing services, offering design, technology, photography and promotional services, and with over six years of experience they focus on helping local businesses promote their brand by creating and developing unique and eye-catching websites. THEIA’s ‘One Stop‘ service includes graphic design, photography and web management, and they also offer SEO services to improve the Google ranking of your business, which boosts your organisation’s website viewers.

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