Valentine's Day Wednesday 14 February at The Floral Studio

Wednesday 24 January 2018, 9:22PM
By Beckie Wright

Valentine’s day is traditionally about Red Roses – the symbol of love but its so much more than that. Its about mystery and surprise – some of the most beautiful flowers are delivered to unsuspecting recipients.

Guys, its not all about giving; in fact The Floral Studio actually deliver more flowers from ladies to men. These tend to be accompanied by very thoughtful messages, chocolates and wonderful happy little stuffed toys such as monkeys or a giraffe. This year The Floral Studio also have beautiful flamingos, unicorns and lions.

We should not forget the LGBT community either as they really embrace the whole spirit of Valentine’s day.

At The Floral Studio they have learnt that for those who have a very specific order, they should place this on their webpage. Their Valentine’s webpage will go live this week and it’s really really important to put in your orders. Red roses are at a premium so don’t expect/anticipate walking into any florist and finding the very best of premium roses – the demand on Valentine’s day is just enormous.

Many of the larger supermarkets will have red roses. Remember, it’s like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. With a florist you get that special care and attention and so do your flowers.  The other issue is, placing an order earlier is better because The Floral Studio then know how many individual couriers to engage for the day. Last year they had two of their own dedicated couriers delivering flowers and they were busy right up until 7pm.

The Floral Studio’s hours for the earlier part of Valentines week will also be extended and they will be operating until 7pm each night and until sold out on Valentine’s day. Last year this was about 6pm.

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