New Year, New Brand: Start 2018 with a Brand Refresh from Marketing Works

Thursday 25 January 2018, 6:39PM
By Beckie Wright

A brand is the heart and soul of any business, and as with anything, it evolves. There is no better time for a brand refresh than at the start of a new year – a time filled with endless possibilities and new opportunities. Marketing Works is offering an exciting refresh for organisations that may want to breathe new life into their brand to prepare for facing the challenges of a new year.

A company’s external branding – including its logo, message, colours, and other visual connections – are integral to any company’s success. As human beings, we register visual cues much faster than textual cues, so it is integral that any brand strategy communicates an organisation’s goals and overall impression.

If your business has evolved, if your audience base has changed, or if your company and its logo are simply old or “dated”, it might be time for a refresh. A brand refresh is simply a makeover of the original, allowing your company to stay relevant to its loyal customer base while gaining a stronger visual connection to today’s new audiences.

A business is always striving to improve and expand their range of products and services. In light of this, a brand refresh might just do the trick to spark new vigour in your organisation and to communicate your organisation’s evolution. This also ensures that you stay relevant within the industry.

Brand refreshing is not easy, but it can be done without severing the ties you have with your current audience. By incorporating elements from the old branding into the new one, you can avoid disrupting the visual connection you’ve already cultivated within your customers while executing a successful brand modernisation.

The expert design and branding team at Marketing Works are the best in brand design Auckland wide, working with notable New Zealand brands such as Barfoot & Thompson, Just Water, Jelly Belly, and many more. Whether it’s a brand refresh or a complete rebranding that your organisation requires, Marketing Works will provide the best advertising solutions for you. If a change is in your business horizon this year, visit the Marketing Works website today!