Moving Made Simple – Stress-Free Tips from Conroy Removals

Friday 26 January 2018, 2:50PM
By Beckie Wright

To make shifting house and manage the inevitable chaos that goes with it New Zealand’s leading moving and storage experts Conroy Removals has listed top tips that will break the process down to manageable chunks and make the transition a smooth one. The company has been helping thousands of Kiwis relocate with minimal disruption.

Conroy Removals provides a complete door-to-door service to make shifting with goods, pets and family easier. Their website lists critical steps to the moving process that begins well before packing starts. This entire moving process should begin as early as possible. Selecting the moving company to transport precious contents, insuring goods in transit, making days available for shifting, arranging travel for family and pets can all be done right at the beginning of the process. This narrows down the focus of the arrangements, ensures expert advice and takes the stress out of the move. Once a moving specialist is involved the process begins to fall in place quickly.

Changing address with New Zealand Post and advising businesses and agencies is essential. This process can be completed online or in person with the postal services. This will need its own checklist as utilities, cable TV, garbage collection agencies, banks and the tax department may need to be contacted. All newspaper and magazine subscriptions will need to be redirected. The postal department offers redirection services for a period of time to make sure no mail goes missing.

Packing for the big day can be done in stages. For intimate and precious small items packing can be done without the involvement of a specialist. But with the big, heavy stuff communicating with the moving company to set up requirements and expectations prior to booking is beneficial. 

Sorting out items depending on how often it is used means they can be packed at different times. Boxes can be labelled and stored. Every room can be packed separately as this makes it easier to unpack. This is also the best time to donate what is not needed. Taking an inventory of everything that has been packed is essential when hiring a moving company. On moving day it is important to have everything ready to go, unless hiring packers, before the crew arrives.

At the new home it is important to sort out care providers well in advance – dentists, doctors, schools or day care centres. Driving around and figuring out the best routes to get to the workplace from the new home can be helpful. Getting to know the neighbours, having essential services immediately, help with unpacking and disposing off packing material quickly will avoid confusion and get everyone back to their routine quickly.

Conroy Removals specialise in careful packing, offer easy insurance for peace of mind and have convenient storage in their secure facilities. They can take care of motor vehicle shipping and foreign exchange services.

Conroy Removals is one of New Zealand's leading removal companies and each year take care of removal services for thousands of people moving locally, around the country and all over the world. With branches throughout New Zealand and Australia and global partners throughout the rest of the world Conroy Removals have the experience, resources and stability to provide you with a friendly and professional moving service, delivering your belongings safely and securely.


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