Welcome to The New Designer Wardrobe

Friday 26 January 2018, 3:00PM
By Beckie Wright

Designer Wardrobe is a brand new way to buy, sell and rent designer fashion, in an online fashion community of like-minded individuals who love to buy, sell and rent designer items to and from each other. Originally a popular Facebook group, it quickly grew into a premium standalone web and app platform with members trading their favourite pre- loved designer labels, and today, Designer Wardrobe has over 120,000 members across New Zealand and Australia.

The new Designer Wardrobe is easier than ever, fast and tailored to you — and a new design to inspire. On top of a brand new design on both web and iOS the Designer Wardrobe team listened, and are very excited to have improved Designer Wardrobe a lot! Here’s a few of the features in this latest update.

Counter Offers. For Sellers, when a potential Buyer makes you an offer, you can now negotiate! For example, if you were selling a Ruby top for $100 – a Buyer may offer you $80. You could then make a “counteroffer” of $90. This will make Buying and Selling faster than ever and you’re more likely to get the price you’re after. It also makes it all more fun!

My Size. Introducing My Size – Set your size ONCE and forget! Using My Size, you can enter your sizing details in 10 seconds, and all your searches will always be tailored and personalised to your size! Using the toggle, you can turn this feature on or off with one click. There is not also better searching and filtering, and you can now easily filter by ‘Show Only’, by DW Valet or Rentals or items that are On Sale.

Improved Navigation and Notifications. You now have much better alerts when you receive offers, or when an offer you have made has been accepted. The Designer Wardrobe team plan on improving this even more over time too!

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