Keep Cool With a Ceiling Fan This Summer Installed By Good Electictrical

Tuesday 20 February 2018, 1:13PM
By Beckie Wright

It’s official! We have just experienced the hottest January on record, and we look set to continue with this hot, humid weather right through February and March. Rather than complain about the heat and putting up with being so uncomfortable, why not contact Good Electrical to install a cooling ceiling fan, and you can imagine that you are relaxing in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore!

Ceiling fans are reminiscent of earlier times, but they are just as effective today as they were one hundred years’ ago, and are an appealing and price-efficient solution for many homeowners. They are a fantastic addition to any room, adding character to the space, and they are much more energy-efficient in comparison with air conditioning through your heat pump.

For this reason alone, ceiling fans have become very fashionable, quite apart from how elegant they look in your home, and can also alleviate a hot and stuffy office space. Also, a ceiling fan installed above your bed is guaranteed to keep you cool, particularly through these hot muggy nights.

When building or renovating your home you need to know that the advice and workmanship that you receive from your electrician is of quality and guaranteed, and you can have full confidence that the team at Good Electrical will be able to help you out from the design and planning stages of your project through to the selection and installation of materials.

They listen to your requirements and offer their technical assistance to ensure your project is completed to your expectations on time and within budget. They apply the same safety and quality workmanship standards to their residential projects that they apply to large commercial and industrial ones, so email an enquiry or call them today to discuss how they can be of service to you.

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