THEIA Offer Faultless Translation Services

Tuesday 27 February 2018, 5:20PM
By Beckie Wright

Last month we discussed the graphic design and logo services offered by THEIA, and this month we demonstrate their ability to translate from Chinese to English to produce a faultless website for Runzhitong. Due to their bilingual and bicultural background, the team at THEIA offer a translation service, from Chinese to English and English to Chinese, and a sample of this is shown below on the Runzhitong website.

“Runzhitong is New Zealand’s trusted supplier of natural health products – be it supplements, herbal and homoeopathic treatments, natural skincare and sports nutrition – they will all be found in our stores, or here online. Operating a successful business in New Zealand and China, we have grown substantially over the year. We have gained 10 years experience in many industries, import or export and entrepreneurial skills in New Zealand and China. In addition, our bilingual staff with passion and enthusiasm are necessary for our successful venture.

“Our products are ranging from dairy, health products to beauty products. Due to the tremendous demand for New Zealand products in China, those three main local products are the most famous in the Chinese market. It takes a lot to offer the best products we can, but that’s what we do every day.

“We export authentic New Zealand’s products, milk powder, health care products and skin care products to Chinese market. Dairy farming in New Zealand began from small beginnings during the early days of colonisation by Europeans. Characterised by quality and innovation, the key strengths of New Zealand’s world-class dairy industry are the country’s efficient all grass farming system combined with large-scale processing, high research and development spending and creative marketing.

“These range from high quality basic products such as milk powders, butter and cheese to specialty foods such as ice-cream and highly specialised food ingredients such as spray dried milk proteins, protein hydrolysates and freeze dried biologically active proteins. Runzhitong offer a wide and eclectic range of natural health care products, exporting great local brands to Chinese markets such as Comvita and Manuka Health, Thompsons, Red Seal, Good Health, Nutralife etc.”

THEIA specializes in Multimedia Solutions, and have over six years of experience with helping local businesses design and promote their brand by creating and developing unique and eye-catching VI and websites, so to find out more about web design services, brochure design and product photography please go to .