How To Make the Most Out of Cut Flowers in the Mid-Summer Heat At The Floral Studio

Wednesday 28 February 2018, 6:07PM
By Beckie Wright

A large bunch of beautiful vibrant flowers is just so welcome as a thank you or I love you or in sympathy but there’s definitely an art in keeping those flowers beautiful as the summer heat and humidity goes on.

Here are some useful tips from The Floral Studio:

Purchase flowers that have been kept cool and out of the sun and or humidity.
Make sure the stems of the flowers when purchasing are free of slime and bacteria build up.
Flowers purchased from a glass vase are best because you can see the water quality – the water should be clear and the glass vases free of any bacteria build up.
Ask for the flowers to be wet wrapped as this keeps the stem cool and in water while transporting home.
Once home cut the flowers and place in a clear clean vase as you can see any bacteria build-up very quickly.
Cut flowers every other day.
Clean vase with Janola every day to ensure all bacteria are killed.
Keep in cooler well-ventilated part of home.
Flowers treated in this way over the summer months should last up to two weeks.
In winter, flowers will last up to three weeks and The Floral Studio’s premium Columbian roses will last longer.

Remember if you are dissatisfied with the quality of your flowers, you are entitled to return them and have them replaced. At The Floral Studio they will do this every time.

When they receive fresh flowers from the markets – three times a week minimum - and if they are not satisfied with quality they are not sold in shop.

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