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Auckland's 'Shore Finance' changes its name

Wednesday 28 February 2018, 11:10PM
By The Auckland Loan Company


Shore Finance has changed its trading name to The Auckland Loan Company (ALC).

The change has come about as the once North Shore based mobile finance broker that specialise in Car Loans & Personal Loans is now servicing more and more of greater Auckland and Much of NZ, with relative success. ALC's General Manager, Dan Gummer has said that they are shaking the image that they are just a North Shore based Company, “We started this company to service the North Shore, and we have done that, and that’s no longer a true reflection on who we are and who our customer base is, we are growing the company to represent all of Auckland and NZ”.

He said that they are perfecting their business structure and practises to make applying for a loan user friendly, honest and engaging experience.

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