Take Your E-Bike on Tour

Friday 9 March 2018, 2:18PM
By Beckie Wright

This summer the owners of Think Electric Bikes, Jonno and Annaliese, took their electrical bicycles on the ferry to Waiheke Island and explored wineries and beaches by cycling their way around. They enjoyed a wine tasting at Mudbrick Vineyard, had lunch at Kennedy Point Vineyard, pedalled to Palm Beach, stopped for a rest at their rental bach, and then on to a restaurant in Oneroa for dinner. All without waiting for a bus or throwing cash at taxi drivers!

An e-bike is the ideal mode of transportation if you want to truly engage your senses. Choosing an e-bike for their trip meant the duo could enjoy the quiet roads, smell the fresh air, feel nature on their skin, and avoid travel and parking costs. Waiheke is a hilly terrain, and many cyclists were struggling to push their bikes up hills, while these two powered on with the powerful support from their e-bikes. They were able to cycle the island without breaking into sweat.

Where could you take your e-bike? If you have a trip coming up, think outside the box and pick an eco-friendly and fun way to travel. Coastlines are great to cycle through as you get to feel the wind, smell the salt, and hear the waves crashing down. Bush paths are another fantastic tour you and your e-bike could take, as well as through city streets. Many cities and towns have cycle lanes, allowing cyclists to zoom through without having to sit behind rows of cars!

Experience your trip on a completely different level with an e-bike, or an electric mountain bike if you’re heading somewhere with rougher grounds. It’s time to connect with our surroundings and give Mother Nature a break from pollution!