Dil's Give You Options When Planning a Funeral

Wednesday 14 March 2018, 8:20PM
By Beckie Wright

When planning a funeral there are no real rules to follow and only a few legal requirements, so the possibilities are endless: you’re limited only by time and imagination. Dil’s are there to give you the options when planning a funeral.

Some essential decisions need to made so you can structure a funeral around them, for instance; where the funeral is to be held, whether there will be a burial or cremation, who will lead the service, the choice of a casket and requirements for registration of the death.

One of the first decisions the Dil’s team will ask you to make is whether the funeral is to be followed by burial or cremation. This is mainly because different documentation is needed depending on the decision made. While burial is the more traditional and is often chosen for cultural or religious reasons, cremation is the most popular option today (around 80% of the funerals they conduct are followed by cremation).

Regarding burial, families may choose a burial plot. Most cemeteries have a variety of areas and memorial options, with varying prices, so it’s worth looking at all the options before making a decision on a particular plot. When cremation is chosen it’s usually a 'private cremation'. This means that once the service has concluded, family and friends will say their goodbyes in the chapel or at the hearse, often by placing a flower on the casket, and then Dil’s deliver the casket to the crematorium. With private cremation nobody goes to the crematorium.

The alternative to private cremation is to have a committal service. A committal means that after the main service, which has been held at another location, the funeral then processes to Dil’s chapel or another crematorium chapel where a short ceremony and final goodbyes are held. This allows families to have private time with the casket just prior to the cremation.

Every funeral is different. Some families are more than happy to leave all the arrangements to the team at Dil’s, others only want them to be there in a supportive role. Whatever you want is absolutely fine with them, so for more information on funeral directors, caskets and funerals Auckland please go to .