Now Get Solar Electric Night Light at Hometech

Monday 19 March 2018, 6:22PM
By Beckie Wright


Energy costs have been on the rise for a good few years now, and as individuals, we tend to lean towards sustainable or renewable sources of energy because we want to save money on the energy bills and we know that renewable energy sources are a cleaner way to produce and consume energy. A popular renewable energy source is the sun, and the sun's energy can be utilised through solar cell technology to provide heating and lighting to a household.


One such application that is proving very popular is solar lighting, and Hometech now have a Solar NightLight, as an adjunct to their Solatube daylighting systems.


Solatube has always been known for its bright, beautiful daylighting so what if that same system could also deliver a comforting night light?  Well, now it does with their new optional Solar NightLight. By simply mounting the device with its integrated solar panel in their daylighting tubes to capture the abundance of light they capture every day, and this powers the smart night light automatically delivering a soft glow every night. Right up until there’s daylight again. Hometech’s simple two hour installation of the Daylighting System can instantly add both daylight and night light to your home


The Solar NightLight automatically comes on as darkness falls. The soft glow, which mimics moonlight, means you don't have to turn on the lights for late night trips to the bathroom or to navigate hallways and stairs for those midnight fridge raids, so for more information on skylight installations, fixed skylights and attic stairs please go to .