Just Water Say "Keep On Drinking Water"

Tuesday 20 March 2018, 3:51PM
By Beckie Wright

Everybody drinks water – it might be in their cup of tea or coffee, or even as part of their fruit and vegetable intake.

To stay healthy, humans must maintain water balance, which means that water losses must be made up by water intake. We get water from food and drink and lose it as sweat and urine (a small amount is also present in faeces). Another major route of water loss usually goes unnoticed: because we exhale air that is water saturated, we lose water each time we exhale. On a cold day we see this water in the air as it condenses.

The survival rule of thumb without water is three days, yet three weeks without food. That’s how important water is for you.

Not all water is the same – let’s have a look at the different types of water you might be drinking.

If you are at work, or at home, you might be drinking from a Just Water Cooler. This water has been filtered to eliminate 99% of chlorine, and any other contaminants that might be in the water. However, the filtration process retains the trace minerals and fluoride. The bottles used by Just Water are polycarbonate, and last seven years, after which time they can be ground down for use in other products e.g. road cones. Other water cooler companies might eliminate both the trace minerals and fluoride in their filtration process, and use plastic throw-away bottles, so do check what you are getting, and what you want.

The most popular source of drinking water is through the purchase of a plastic bottle. Although far better than a sugar-loaded soft drink, or even a sugar-free drink, the water has no fluoride in it, and the plastic bottle is harmful to the environment. It is not good to re-use plastic bottles because of the leaching of chemicals from the plastic.

Spring water, which is often seen as the healthiest drink, is generally no better for you than a normal bottle of filtered tap water. The harmful aspect of spring water is that it has no fluoride in it. So why the emphasis on fluoride – New Zealand has one of the worst rates of dental decay in the Western world, and fluoridated water virtually eliminates serious tooth decay.

The lesson from all this – keep on drinking water – the water from your Just Water cooler is good for both your general health and your oral health. This is the reason why so many people are asking for a Just Water cooler in their homes, so to find out more about water coolers, drinking water and water fountains please go to www.justwater.co.nz .