TigerTurf Launches Revolutionary Ecocept Sports Bases

Wednesday 28 March 2018, 1:51PM
By Beckie Wright

Synthetic turf manufacturer TigerTurf has launched its new, world first, Ecocept performance sports bases. TenCate Ecocept ™ is currently being used in two major projects in New Zealand; at the new MetroPark Hockey centre in Millwater, Auckland and at Elim Christian College, Auckland, where a multi sports field is well underway.

The company is using recycled end of life plastic and rubber to create its Ecocept performance sports bases. Ecocept is now being manufactured on site using 80% to 90% recycled end-of-life waste plastics and rubber mixed with a binder to a pre-determined ratio. The product is being used in its sports fields with recycled plastic waste, old car tyres and end-of-life turf, previously destined for landfill.

The MetroPark hockey field of 6,000m2 will consume approx. 45,000kgs of plastic waste and old car tyres previously destined for landfill. The new Ecocept pad at Elim Christian College is diverting almost 30,000 kg's of plastic and rubber waste that would have ended up in landfill into the base and sports pad for its new multi sports field.

For over 36 years TigerTurf has gained a reputation as the leading supplier of artificial turfs. The company is actively researching solutions for its end of life products. Ecocept has the potential to be a major game changer as a receptacle of plastic waste as the raw material in the production of sports bases. It can also be used potentially in any area where asphalt or paving are currently being used. It is a revolutionary product in the construction of high-performance sports base systems.  Ecocept from TenCate is a porous pavement, specifically developed for synthetic turf athletic playing surfaces. 

Ecocept shock pad performance bases have other benefits. It provides structural stability in a fully bound and stabilised base. The product has excellent drainage performance eliminating costly below field drainage. It can consistently provide shock absorbency (that meets FIFA / IRB impact requirements) across the entire field, reducing the amount of infill and infill splash.

Using Ecocept reduces or eliminates the need for a conventional thick layer of crushed stone. The performance base has capillary action, which drains rainwater laterally so that the need for costly trenched drainage below the field is reduced. This product also allows the field to be irrigated with minimal water loss reducing the cost of water. An irrigated field makes for enhanced playability and cooler field temperatures on hot days. Ecocept also integrates seamlessly with TigerTurf’s synthetic turf products enhancing biomechanical performance.

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