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Kärcher HDS 6/14 High Pressure Cleaners a Hit With Dairy Farmers
Thursday 12 April 2018, 1:41PM
By Beckie Wright

Kärcher invented the high pressure cleaner (water blaster) in 1950 and have been refining the principle of high pressure cleaning ever since, with a focus on more performance and less consumption, as well as longer service life with shorter cleaning times. As a world market leader, Kärcher offers a range of products renowned for their technical refinement and versatility – operated with heated or unheated water, powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines, mobile or stationary.

Kärcher’s HDS 6/14 high pressure cleaners are a real hit with the dairy industy, with the features which they are most impressed with being the super lightweight gun, and the fact the pressure is adjustable on the handle, without having to return to the machine. Traditionally, hours of water blasting has resulted in an aching back and sore arms – not so with the Kärcher.

The EASY!Force gun does away with the pressure of holding a trigger in while water blasting. The gun naturally pushes back into the palm of your hand, eliminating the strain of keeping a trigger pressed in. Having the ability to adjust pressure with the simple adjustment on the handle makes it quick and easy to switch from high to low pressure without interrupting the flow of either water or work.

While the hot water and steam options do away with the need for scrubbing or chemicals, there is the option to add in a detergent for added effectiveness if required. A simple dial allows you to set the amount of detergent you want added to the water, and turning the dial off means you can wash the chemical off with clean water again.

The Kärcher is run by an electrically powered pump and a diesel powered burner. The cold water comes through the pump and the diesel fired coil (with 15L tank) kicks into action if hot water or steam are required. Steam cleaning is ideal for using around equipment with electrical or mechanical components which don’t like too much water. The heat breaks down the grease and grime and steam cleaning is ideal in the dairy shed around equipment as well as for tractor and machinery component, where steam can be used to clean instead of high pressure.

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