Bespoke Funeral Services From Dil's Funeral Services

Friday 13 April 2018, 9:49PM
By Beckie Wright

The services they offer at Dil’s Funeral Services are tailored to the individual requirements of the families they care for, and what they do for you will depend on your personal needs and wishes, and are worked through carefully in every situation. They offer a range of services that ensure you have choices and can make decisions based on what matters to you.

A funeral is a time to gather together, to remember and celebrate. However, what this event actually looks like will vary greatly from person to person. From a small and intimate farewell, to a large and highly personalised celebration, the personnel at Dil’s believe they have the expertise and experience to deliver any type of funeral service you might be looking for.

When planning a funeral there are no real rules to follow and only a few legal requirements, so the possibilities are endless: you are limited only by time and imagination. Some essential components of a funeral include; where the funeral is to be held, whether there will be a burial or cremation, who will lead the service, the choice of a casket and requirements for registration of the death. Once decided on, these things provide the framework around which the rest of the service can be planned.

There are also many personal choices, which can be selected to further enhance the experience, including notices in the newspaper, viewing options, flowers, music, service sheets, audio visual presentations, and whether there will be refreshments after the service. Once the funeral has taken place there are additional things you may consider such as bereavement cards, the placement of ashes and a memorial. These can be viewed on the Dil’s Funeral Services website at under Funeral Service Options.

Some families are more than happy to leave all the arrangements to Dil’s, others only want them to be there in a supportive role. Whatever you want is absolutely fine with the people at Dil’s. On first meeting, Dil’s will outline everything that they can provide or organise for you. Then you can simply pick and choose, so for more information on caskets for funerals, eco friendly funerals and funeral directors please go to