New Zealand's "Kinkiest" Regions Revealed in Survey

Tuesday 17 April 2018, 10:59AM

By Adulttoymegastore


The sexual acts New Zealanders have tried, and most want to try, have been revealed in the latest Adulttoymegastore Kiwi Sex Survey results, which has also found the New Zealand regions where certain sexual acts are more likely to occur.

Adulttoymegastore and research company Colmar Brunton asked more than 1,000 New Zealanders about their sexual experiences. Respondents were presented with a list of sexual experiences, and asked to state which they had done, and which they might be interested in trying.

The survey results match the demographic profile of New Zealanders for age, gender and region.

According to the results, the sexual acts New Zealanders most want to try include:

A threesome (24%).
Sexual role play (21%).
Soft bondage play (19%).  

When it comes to the sexual acts New Zealanders have actually tried, one of the most common is to watch pornography with a partner, which one in two New Zealanders aged 18 years and older have done. Having sex in a public place is also common, with 44 percent of New Zealanders having done it.

Anal sex is one of New Zealand’s favourite sexual activities, with one in every three New Zealanders having tried anal. One in 10 New Zealanders haven’t tried anal sex but want to, and fifty percent of New Zealanders have no interest in trying anal sex. 

One in four New Zealanders have experimented with bondage play (24%), and one in five have tried sexual role play (19%).

Over one in 10 Kiwis have paid for sex (13%), which is most common in Whangarei/Northland, while 77% of New Zealanders have not, and would not, pay for sex.

Over one in six New Zealanders have had a threesome (17%), and New Zealand’s leading cities for threesomes are Auckland and Palmerston North.

One in 25 New Zealanders have tried swinging (4%), which is most common in Whangarei/Northland, and 14 percent want to try it. Seven percent of New Zealanders have participated in group sex, which is most common in Hamilton.

New Zealand-born Sexologist, Dr. Shelley Hiestand, said New Zealanders should embrace their sexual fantasies providing it is safe, and legal, to do so.

“I agree with these findings based on my work as a sexologist with more than 15 years’ experience. I usually advise my clients to seek out a safe way to enact their fantasies as it can keep relationships and sexual interaction spicy.”

“The most common sexual fantasy that many couples and singles have would be to have a threesome, but sometimes that is not so easy to make happen.” Dr Shelley explained.

“Group sex, orgies, fetish parties and swinging are surprisingly popular sexual practices and fantasies, and there is a big underground culture involving these activities all over the world.

“Opening up relationships to others and exploring fantasies is perfectly healthy and help to keep relationships exciting. Unfortunately this way of life is still judged in society, so has to be kept under wraps. But in my experience in this field, it is a lot more common than people may realize.”

Dr. Shelley said people often hold themselves back from trying sexual experiences out of fear of being judged.

“People may fear other people in their lives finding out about their sexual fantasies or experiences.”

She said there are many misconceptions about sexual acts that involve more than two people.

“When it comes to opening up the relationship to other people, a misconception is that one of the people in the relationship isn’t sexually satisfied, which is the reason for opening up the relationship, but this isn’t necessarily true,” she explained.

“Another common misconception is that if a couple have decided to open up their relationship it is a “free for all” with lots of sexual interactions with many different people, which isn’t very common. Most people who open up their relationships form long-lasting friendships with the people they interact with, and develop intimacy and depth with their partners.”

Dr. Shelley said couples who are planning on opening their sexual relationship up to other people should have open communication with their partner and ensure they are being safe.

“People should always be mindful of sexual diseases and sexually transmitted infections, and I always suggest only opening up the relationship if the couple has a strong base to expand from.

“Fantasies that involve harm to others or illegal activities should be left as fantasies.”

View the survey results infographic here: Adulttoymegastore Kiwi Sex Survey Sexual Acts Results

The regions in which these sexual experiences were more common included:

  • Anal Sex is most common in Palmerston North and Dunedin/Otago.
  • Threesomes are most common in Auckland and Palmerston North.
  • Fetish Parties are most common in Palmerston North.
  • Swinging is most common in Whangarei/Northland.
  • Group Sex is most common in Hamilton.
  • Pegging is most common in Dunedin/Otago. (Female penetrates male strap-on sex).
  • Paying for sex is most common in Whangarei/Northland.