Bee Hive Rental Whanganui Bee Hive Rental Whanganui CREDIT: Canaan Honey

Hive Rental brought to Whanganui

Saturday 5 May 2018, 1:02PM
By Canaan Honey


Whanganui region residents can now have a bee hive in their backyard without the cost of a bee suit, or honey extraction facilities.

Canaan Honey operating from their Mosston Road factory and honey shop have been in business for over 35 years, beginning their commercial operations in 1982. Their son Michael Brandon is helping them retire, and has started a Whanganui hive rental scheme for home and lifestyle block owners from Bulls and Marton, and Whanganui to Maxwell.

While bee hive apiaries normally have 10 to 30 hives, such numbers are not possible in township areas. Neighbours often complain about bee droppings on washing and windows - a maximum of two hives is an ideal number. Council regulations require hives to be 10 meters away from neighbours residences and public thoroughfares, separated by a high fence or vegetation so the bees flight path is not in the way of people. 20 apiaries with only one hive in each takes a while to manage compared to one apiary of 20 bee hives. A monthly payment sweetens the beekeeper, as the yearly honey and experience of bees in the backyard sweetens the home or lifestyle block owner.

Contact Michael Brandon on 021 728889 to find out more about Whanganui bee hive rental, a beehive for your backyard.