Eco Doors & Windows Talk About 'The PVC Advantage'

Tuesday 8 May 2018, 2:56PM
By Beckie Wright

Eco Doors & Windows’ Ross McKitterick’s  mission is to provide the Wellington region with world class uPVC joinery and double-glazing solutions, to make your home warmer, drier and quieter. uPVC joinery will also save your ongoing maintenance costs with out-dated and inefficient legacy window and door systems. Eco Doors & Windows deliver professional expertise and knowledge, plus a quality install experience, backed by after sales and service.

PVC has been used in windows and doors since the 1930s in Europe, and has an 80% market share in most of these countries. New Zealand has been a slow adopter of this technology but through the efforts of Eco Doors and Windows, and other PVC joinery companies the word is getting out to the consumer.  PVC or uPVC as it is inter changeably called, offers significant benefits over both aluminium and timber in a number of areas.

PVC’s primary purpose is an insulator. Combine that with superior double glazing  systems from Viridian Glass and  first rate insulation values can be achieved far in excess of say thermally broken aluminium

PVC’s secondary but equally important purpose is that of noise reduction. Noise pollution whether it be wind, traffic, or other sources is a nuisance to a lot of people. As PVC does not transmit noise to the same degree as aluminium I again offers a much superior solution when combined with double glazed units.

Durablability  of PVC is again in excess of its competitors, our high quality German extrusion will easily last 45 years or more in New Zealand climate without showing signs of deterioration.

As for painting your windows, it’s a chore of the past, as PVC never needs painting. Sick of gaps in your aluminium joinery, pitting and corrosion on its face, again it’s a thing of the past with uPVC.

PVC’s safe and secure Multipoint locking system deters burglary. Also PVC is not an accelerant, is eco-friendly, and inhibits growth of bacteria and moulds as it doesn’t hold moisture.

Better still its eco friendly as in Europe old PVC joinery is recycled as feedstock for new PVC windows.

With their over eight years’ experience, Eco Doors & Windows’ aim is to educate the New Zealand market while supplying a superior joinery solution backed by a full installation team and an after sales service.

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