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PVC Foam Retardant Foam Tapes from Premier Tapes NZ CREDIT: Henrietta D

PVC Single Sided Flame Retardant Foam Tapes For Quality Sealing and Insulation
Monday 14 May 2018, 8:13PM
By Henrietta D

Single-sided flame retardant foam tapes from Premier Tapes are suitable for watertight, airtight, dust-tight and draught-tight sealing, as well as for cushioning, protecting and vibration damping. PVC foam tapes are suited for external use, because of their UV resistance, weather resistance and acrylic adhesive.

The foam products are most suitable for indoor used watertight and airtight seals without UV exposure. It is primarily a foam compression sealant in white. The foam is predominantly closed celled and is hard foam. An acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on one side, and the product has a paper release liner on the other non-adhesive face. It acts as a water-seal and air/dust seal when compressed.

The tape has a range of applications. It forms a compression water seal and a compression air/dust seal. The tape can prevent electrolytic corrosion. The tape can be used for cushioning, heavy duty applications, gap filling, anti-slip mounting and in fire retardant applications. The tape is at its core 76mm plastic and Premier Tapes can supply the foam tape range in a variety of formats including logs, rolls, die cuts and spools. The thickness is 3.0 and 4.5mm.

Before application all surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease and dirt.  Customers are recommended to ensure compatibility of the solvent with their substrate.  The ideal bonding substrates are those which are clean, dry, flat, smooth, dust free and non-porous. Low temperatures may increase the risk of condensation, reducing the tack of the product. Life expectancy will vary with temperature and humidity. The product may be applied by hand direct from a roll applying even pressure.  

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