Drink Your Way to Good Health By Drinking Plenty of Water from Just Water

Tuesday 15 May 2018, 8:07PM
By Beckie Wright

It is estimated that two thirds of adults ignore the importance of drinking water, and do not consume the required quantity on a daily basis. Some people tend to think that enough water is supplied to our system if we drink plenty of juice, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea etc, but we do not realise the fact that drinking water is just so much more important. By ignoring this fact we ignore our health and wellbeing, as it has been proven that by drinking plenty of water daily we are not only ‘drinking our way to good health’, but our longevity also increases. 

Just Water’s range of crisp refreshing bottled water is delivered right to the front door and is the ideal way to care for your customers and keep your staff hydrated and productive. Just Water is the only bottled water delivery supplier in New Zealand to meet ABWI's strict quality standards and is ideal if a water source is not up to standard.

Just Water are the water cooler experts, with over 25 years’ experience in the field, and boast New Zealand’s largest range of products at New Zealand’s lowest prices. The Just Water friendly service has thousands of satisfied customers around the country, with a huge range of rent or buy options to suit the needs of businesses and home owners alike. Just Water is the only New Zealand water cooler company that is ISO certified and ABWI accredited, and this is one of the many reasons why very high profile companies choose them.

There are huge benefits to buying water from Just Water as their DrinkSafe International programme provides proactive maintenance, comprehensive sanitation of the water cooler and filtration equipment, and independent and random water testing is conducted by a Telarc approved laboratory. Random DSI surveys are conducted to ensure they meet customer’s expectations; just one more reason to have Just Water install your water coolers and bottled water.

For more information on drinking water, water fountains and water delivery please go to www.justwater.co.nz .