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Agent Finder Advises on Real Estate Commission Fees
Wednesday 16 May 2018, 12:28PM
By Beckie Wright

Agent Finder NZ is the only place where you can find information on real estate commission fees, so you need to take your time when reading their website, as it could save you a fortune. They recommend that before you do anything, you should start with some tips for paying the lowest real estate fees and expenses. Examples include how to add 10-15% value to your expected sale price and how you can influence more buyer inquiry. The higher the volume of inquiry, the more likely your real estate agent will be in a position to generate multiple offers. This in turn can influence a higher sale price.

When selling a house, vendors often rely solely on a real estate agent to generate buyer inquiry through a good advertising and marketing campaign. But you too can influence buyer inquiry with your pre-market decisions, most importantly, how you choose your real estate appraiser to conduct the sale for you.

If you also understand some of the most common reasons why properties don’t sell, you will be more prepared than other vendors who don't. This is important information to know because selling a house a second time around can become very expensive and often involves reducing the asking sale price.

Agent Finder exists to help Kiwis to be equipped to sell their properties, and when combined with their impartial advice, tips about commission and all other fees, they have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars. Understanding the bigger picture will give you a much clearer estimate about how much real estate commission and expenses you should pay and how much you will have left from the sale your property after expenses.

You will find Agent Finder’s Agent Questionnaire will quickly help you to establish commission costs, and which agents are going to be the right fit for you, your property type and location. Choosing the wrong real estate agent on a whim (or from a flyer) can be very costly indeed, so choosing one based on proven competence rather than volume of sales can make or save you thousands. Vetted real estate agents are proven to be the most competent, but don't cost any more than agents that are the least competent.

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